Thanking the bus driver from the back door is for total morons

OK, I love Halifax. People are great. Except for the hobbit complex. You know, the selfish, inconsiderate friendliness that backs up traffic for innocent jaywalkers or holds the door for you when you're a good ten steps away. The brain-dead "aren't we just so friendly today" friendliness that is really a form of after-you-Alphonse passive aggression. Case in point: every third person exiting a rear bus door sings out "Thank you!!" to the bus driver, as though a) He gave a shit b) He was doing you a personal favour by driving you around and c) There weren't 15 tired people being politely silent to one another within two feet of you. It's not polite, friendly, neighbourly or anything like that to thank the driver from the back door. It's the opposite. It's impolite, unfriendly and rude. And to mistake one for the other requires a degree of self-congratulatory stupidity which is one of the worst features of Halifax life. —Try the Front Door

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