Paying for my bus pass AND my bus taxes

Sick buses or is it just the drivers? Once again, it's the 'BACK DOOR' issue. Do bus drivers enjoy seeing a rider standing at the back door, waiting for it to open, standing there like a dummy? The back door should open at all stops, but no, this driver watched the rider standing there, and other riders were also telling the driver “BACK DOOR.” The driver says "press the bar." Yeah, press the filthy, germ soaked bar, great idea driver, we've started the flu and cold season and you want me to touch the filthy, germ soaked bar. Even the doors that are supposed to work when you wave you hand over the “HERE” icon, now you must touch the filthy, germ soaked door to get it to open. It's time for the transit company to clean up its act. How are they doing with the overtime abuse situation that we heard about during their strike? —Transit Rider, Not By Choice

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