Why does no one give a fuck?

That this place is shit ass backwards? That you do the same work that people in the rest of the country do but they make 20K more a year—and pay less taxes.

That everything here costs more, yet people insist the salary differences are because of the lower cost of living? Have you looked at housing costs within a reasonable commute to the city—where the only few jobs are actually located? Have you looked at the price of gas? The price of groceries?

That there is some half-assed east coast work ethic of never doing anything in a reasonable amount of time. Waiting for someone to call you back? May as well wait a week... Waiting for someone to tell you that you didn't get the job despite being over qualified? May as well wait two weeks. That is, of course, if the person even bothers to call you back.

Why does no one give a fuck? Why do you continue to pay outrageous prices for things that your meagre half assed salary can't afford to pay for that are exponentially cheaper elsewhere in the country? Why do you continue to lose your shit when the liquor store has a sale putting bottles of wine 15 cents off when you're paying almost twice as much as anywhere else in the country? Fuck people just don't give a fuck here. Get the shit beat out of your career, your salary and your dignity just for a shitty salary and shut up and take it—don't say a word. Don't questions why things are that way, don't try and make a difference, just drink your overpriced beer, bang your gross chicks cranking out a couple more welfare cheques and miss your car payment on your over financed 2004 Crapalier and worry about it monday when you go slave your ass off for 12 bucks an hour so proud that you have been working there for 6 years and are making above minimum wage. Maybe that call centre you applied for will call you this week—after all you have that MBA hanging on the wall.

And anyone who says "Then move away" is totally missing the whole fucking point and you're just one of the aformentioned "don't give a fuckers" that can't be bothered to even think farther than the next credit card payment to question why the fuck things are so shit ass back wards here in the first place. So fuck right off. —Fuck

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