Windy out

So I end up going home with this chick. Met her through work. Dated a few times. Ended up at my place and we get into a romp. We are in the rack going at it 69 and she farted right in my face. Not like a massive loud thunderous clap... just a regular "Oh I am sitting at home alone... I can let this one out..." kinda fart. Right in my nose which was on her butt rose. I couldn't believe it... it vibrated my nose. I stopped what I was doing and pulled my head out and said "What the did you do? You just farted in my face! Fuck!" I almost puked right there. "My nose, my face, my mouth was down there... what the fuck did you do to me woman?" She got defensive and said "Oh and I suppose you don't do that?" I said "Yes I do but... No... I wouldn't fart in someone's face while doing that" Anyways she says "Oh I am so sorry." and starts giggling and laughing. I was just stunned. Anyways... my dick fell limp in like two seconds... totally grossed out. I split. She threw my jacket at me. Just a tip for people, don't fart in a person's face while into something like that. TOTAL turn off... and just fucking gross. —Dunno if I Will be Eating at the Y for Awhile Cause of Mental Trauma

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