Bell peppers everywhere

WTF is up with every single "ethnic" food place throwing bell peppers into every single dish. Its disgusting. Pad Thai? Throw in a handful of green peppers. Chinese Food? Throw in a handful of green peppers. Stirfry? Throw in nothing but bell peppers and the sweetest grossest sauce you can find - and if that’s not enough why not add in some molasses just for shits and giggles? The bell pepper originated in South America - so let’s keep it in the Mexican, Chilean, etc. foods and keep it where it belongs. Just to make a point, I pick out every single fucking piece of nasty, green pepper (Most restos around here are too cheap to even go high class and use red ones), and pile it on a napkin next to my plate - just so they know how terrible it is. Gross. Oh and PS: if you're serving a noodle / rice dish that comes with onions... maybe cook them first - nothing worse than raw onions in a Thai noodle dish or stir fry. —I'm WHITE And Even I Know More About Ethnic Foods Than Most Places Here

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