I don't owe you shit

OK, you listen now: We were friends with benefits and nothing more. We hung out and had sex regularly since Christmas time. I didn't want anything substantial with you and you felt the same way. I met another girl I had more in common with and was more girlfriend material to me. I decided not to contact you anymore and didn't return any of your phone calls. I don't know about anyone else, but if two people were just fuck buddies and one wants to end it (eg. they started a serious relationship with someone else), I don't think they owe the other party an explanation. So I thought nothing of it and moved on. You didn't. You blew up my phone all weekend leaving me screaming messages, calling me every foul name imaginable. All because I stopped returning your phone calls. You called me a manipulative inconsiderate asshole who didn't have the guts to say to your face that I didn't want to hook up anymore and why. What you fail to understand is, we were not going out together, we were just fucking, just having meaningless casual sex. If we were an item, by all means, I would tell you I wanted to end it. NSA relationships don't need that official confirmation! No, I'm not chicken shit, I just felt like I didn't have to give you any reason. Since you were just a fuck buddy, it's really none of your damn fucking business why I stopped contacting you. Call me a dick, but it is what it is. Stop harassing me and find another guy or a vibrator! —Guy Who Moved On To a Better Girl

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