Just union us

A rally? Last week most of these people were probably sucking up their coffee and now they suddenly hate the company because of a 1 sided story? Ridiculous! Listen. I'm not anti-union. I know they serve their purpose in many instances. But what purpose would someone need a union for in a coffee shop? Is the coffee shop really that bad to work for that they need a union to protect themselves from their employers? Sounds to me like wanted to feel important by creating a union. And now a great local company has to deal with this with no way to actually defend themselves because they can't legally reveal why they fired them. The owner claims not to know anything about union talks. Nobody believes her yet everyone believes the two fired workers because crying union foul gets autosupport. If this union went ahead, could a small company like Just Us support it without having to raise prices? Were these workers being underpaid? Or are they just being selfish? Something's not right with this story. I could get a job at a coffee shop, work there for a few months, try to form a union for job security and then do an array of things like start stealing money from the shop, do a shitty job, demand more than I know I deserve, whatever. When I get fired, I can claim it was the union talks that got me fired. Who cares if I ruin the business and their reputation for my own selfishness, as long as I get off scot-free. Hey! Maybe unions can benefit me! —Miss Priss

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