Welcome to Hooterville

Ya thanks for advertising the upcoming exhibit by Lisa Frank in your paper. You dropped the ball big time. But like so many thinks in this so called metropolis, it is simply the dream of a tiny little minded town, a perfect example in fact, of thinking it can actually behave like a city. A cultured one at that..... fucking serious joke! One of the very few interesting exhibits in this area in a long time, but guess what? There isn't enough time to let everyone who wishes to, in to do that! The facility can't handle the requests to see it! What did they think was going to happen, a couple students would stumble in? Get real..... oh but that insight would expect you to appreciate culture, not just give a little sliver of time and pat yourself on the back. Thinking you're all a big contributor to the arts. Small mindedness abounds in this town. Like a plague. If I was Ms Frank I'd get the hell out of Dodge, and go where my work can be seen by all who wish it. As for me, I am moving far away from this shitty little town very soon. And absolutely no reason to look back! —Had Enough Small-Mindedness

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