South end bigot

My co-worker is an African refugee who moved here 10 years ago when his parents were murdered. He is an amazing and kind human being who works very hard and taught me everything I know about serving. Last night I was serving at the restaurant we work at when I witnessed a disgusting display of racism. A man and his boyfriend entered the restaurant at about 8pm and one of them was belligerently drunk. I regrettably sat them down and took their orders. While I was grabbing something from the kitchen for this demanding drunk man, (who told me I was slow, bad at my job, etc) I heard him yelling at my co-worker I have mentioned above. He yelled the following: "I WANT MY BILL, I WANT MY F*CKING BILL RIGHT NOW!! I'M NOT GOING TO LET SOME BLACK MAN TELL ME TO LEAVE, DO I LOOK BLACK TO YOU?" He proceeded to yell racial slurs at my co-worker and I told him to leave and not worry about the bill, just leave NOW. He decided he didn't cause enough hurt, yelled at other customers in the restaurant and threw wine glasses, oil and vinegar glasses and anything he could break AT a customer who voiced their opinion on his blatant display of racism. I hope that karma gets this man and he gains some perspective, or even some HUMANITY. It is absolutely atrocious that this is STILL happening. WHY? —Shoot Me Into Space

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