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Baristas? Do you have to go to college to be one? I'm sorry but being employed by a small coffee shop for a year doesn't give you or the labour union the right to bully the small business who fired you. How can you be a co-operative member and have a union as well? Does it make sense to punch yourself in the face? Noooo.... The Uniun Board and the Labour Board are just abusing their power and picking on the little guy. Trying to destroy my favourite coffee shop from the inside out. These two guys that got fired (probably because they were pricks) were also trying to start a union. So they could have the big guy backing them when they wanted more money after working for a year at this establishment. This small business will go under. If these two fired "baristas" want to make a living..maybe they could ...mmm.. get a real job that may be a little more challenging, anyone can make a latte. Just becuase you can make a little snowman or a leaf with steamed milk doesn't make you an expert. The barista doesn't make the coffee delicious, it's the coffee bean. —Leave Us With Our Lattes and Just Get Another Job

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