A bicycle is still a vehicle

And by that logic, must operate under the rules of the road. You two wise road cyclists the other night were in the middle of making a left turn. You sir actually PUT YOUR HAND UP like a damn police officer to STOP THROUGH AND RIGHT TURN TRAFFIC so you could complete your left turn and satisfy your impatience. Then you and your wife/girlfriend/hostage turned left as the rest of us had to wait to take what was our right of way. How bloody dare you, creepy aging hipster? You think that because you made a good call to wear reflective gear, you're now officially impervious to damage? Not to mention immune to traffic law? See, here's the thing dude. An impatient driver is an obnoxious driver. But more often than not an impatient cyclist is a DEAD cyclist. Don't you EVER let me catch you doing something like that again. Accidents happen to arrogant idiots every day. Be careful because at the end of the day, I won't risk my law-abiding ass to save your entitled one. —The Green Hyundai Driver Who Saved Your Life, You Idiot

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