When should fog lights be used?

I have to vent. I have almost hit pedestrians, in part, because the oncoming cars have had their fog lights on. Fog lights should only be used when there is ground hugging, can barely see 1/4 mile down the road, fog not on a clear dark night. Their use at any other time can blind oncoming drivers. Before anybody says anything I have had an eye exam and my car windows are clean. The worst ones are the vehicles, mostly trucks, with the "super bright" headlights & "super bright" fog lights but even those are superseded by the rocket scientists who have aftermarket fog lights installed along with their factory installed fog lights and have them both on at the same time (which by the way is illegal..to have them both on..). You might also notice that when it's raining, the glare off the road really ruins one's night vision. Fog lights only compound the problem. There are those that might say they have them one for safety, so that they can see the road and what's at the side of the road. I can understand, the streets here can be pretty dark, but the fact that you blind oncoming drivers has just made it unsafe for you and for others around you. If nothing else, turn off your "FOG LIGHTS" when the streets are wet. I know there are some people who do that & I thank those that do. P.S. There are places in the US and Europe where you can get a ticket for the illegal use of fog lights. —Blinded By The Light

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