Apparently he left me because I couldn't cook?!

Ok, so here we go with another online dating weirdo. Conversation was going ok, seemed like a nice guy then he has this huge obsession with the fact that if he and I were to connect and move forward, I'd apparently be doing all the cooking? 'Cause you know, that's the only way he will know I love him! The conversation continued about cooking.....totally focused on feeding him. Either he's stuck on a sofa in a 14-wide and hasn't moved his ass for 10 years (he is literally fused and CAN'T move), stuffing pizza pockets and chocolate cake in his face and wants some variety. He's tired of pizza pockets (and who wouldn't be)?...or he is a man who wants a slave!

He had the nerve to say "I am beginning to see why a lot of white men decide to date Asian women, because they know how to treat a man". I responded with "sounds like you want a slave" (and I meant this with respect to the cooking part and how to "treat a man", not the Asian part).

He responds with a nasty email only I can't read it because by that point he's blocked me. Then a few days later he unblocks me and messages again. The pre-block message said "no I want a woman that isn't feminist and doesn't think she is above cooking for a man. Why should a man feel any motivation to do anything nice for you when you can't even be bothered to cook for him like most women do naturally. No wonder your husband divorced you. He's better of without some anal retentive feminist **** like you". (I was late for work this morning trying to fathom this!). He then said "so seriously, what's your deal that you think you are too good and above cooking for a man and then probably expect him to feel motivated to do anything nice for you? Seriously? Are you one of these feminist type?

To this I said: "You don't know me at all. And I am just now reading this message and the one prior.....the one where you said unspeakable things. If you only knew WHY I was divorced and if you even had one SHRED of empathy for anyone but yourself, then you might find that there is a heart in there that's capable of loving someone. You blocked me before I read it and frankly I wish I hadn't read your comments. How dare you? I am far from what you have me pegged to be. I however don't feel the need to defend myself. I really hope you find this person who can feed you and keep you happy. Seems this is the only real quality you look for in a woman. I can only imagine what she would get in return"

Me thinks it's time to delete my online dating profile.

And for the record, my husband completely devastated me, years ago. I won't go into details as it's something that's in my past. I am an amazing cook...I love cooking....for the right person :) —The Cooking Didn't Leave A Bad Taste, He Did!

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