Man hits car

The intersection of Joseph Howe Drive and Dutch Village Road is definitely one of the worst thought-out by our incompetent city planners. My bitch is addressed to the driver who could have very easily run me over last Tuesday if I hadn't been on my best pedestrian behaviour. You had just come off the highway and were waiting to turn onto Dutch Village. I was standing a few feet from you, waiting for the walk signal which appears at the same instant that your red light turns green.You waited for the cars turning onto Dutch Village from the other direction to stop coming, and the car in front of you to go. I tried to make eye contact with you, but you completely ignored me. You waited for the last straggler car coming from the opposite direction to turn onto Dutch Village Rd. and then you took off, without so much as glancing at me, let alone giving me the right of way that I'm entitled to as a pedestrian. As you drove past I stepped off the curb and gave your trunk an impulsive little whack with my open hand, just as a little reminder to you to obey the rules of the road. Don't ignore pedestrians, or one day you're going to kill one. —The Invisible Man

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