Crazy dog at Point Pleasant!

First and foremost I should get out that I'm possibly one of the biggest dog lovers out there. That being said...there is a certain expectation of how your dogs should be controlled when in an off leash area. I was at Point Pleasant last week in the off leash area walking with my boyfriend. I heard a dog running up behind me full tilt. I just assumed it was going to run past me, but no. Without even slowing down the dog (a large one at that) ran smack into the back of both my legs throwing me forward. I twisted my ankle in the process of being pushed off my feet. Holding onto my boyfriend as to prevent me from falling to the ground and as I stand there on one foot, the owner just calls her dogs names and goes walking away. I have been taking pain killers and have had my foot wrapped and can still just hobble around my apartment. All I can say is thank god I wasn't some little old lady. Your dog could have caused much more harm. Now I'm not even that upset with the dogs, what makes me angry is that the woman didn't even come over to see if I was ok. She must have seen it happen. I was on one foot hanging off my boyfriend. I'm all for off leash areas, in fact I think they are awesome, but please, if you have crazy dogs perhaps its not a good place for you to take them for a walk! Or at least have the dignity to apologize after they run people over!! —Control Your Pets!

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