Here we go again...

Pardon me for assuming you had a solid idea of what you were talking about SINCE YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT IT. It is the height of both arrogance and ignorance to seat yourself on a moral pedestal with regards to a concept you can't even clearly define, going completely apeshit on anyone who doesn't conform to your exact beliefs or asks questions you feel are inappropriate. ESPECIALLY when that issue affects MY demographic. How arrogant and full of yourself can you be? What positive reinforcement could you possibly have received with a thought process like that that suggested to you that such arrogance was suited to your scope of thinking?

Here's the thing bud. I know you. Its very clear you're one of those people who just sort of joins things because of how it makes you look to the right people. I'm sure we've all been guilty of that at one time or another. I know I have. But your misplaced anger because I forced you to closely examine the vagueness of a term you flippantly throw around embarrasses us both. The fact that you can't even engage in intelligent dialogue about the subtleties of your newest cause of the week (performance?) without getting upset proves you're terrified of being caught with your head in your ass.

Weren't you one of the "question everything" people not too long ago? I guess that was just another bandwagon you jumped on. I actually DO question everything which is why, despite my best efforts to keep my mouth shut, I ask the important questions that continue to baffle, annoy, frighten and piss off the average citizen. A demographic that, I'm sorry friend, I lump you into. Extraordinary is a classification that in my opinion people very rarely fit into. If it makes you feel any better. I'm sure it doesn't. Your entire being is high-energy focused into making people believe you're exceptional. So to be fair, you DO do that to an exceptional degree. You are not a great thinker. You are just imitating one.

I never suspected you were better than all that but I DID suspect you wanted people to think you were better than that. Maybe addressing a contrary opinion or an uncomfortable realization should be the next cool thing you pretend to do. — Think Of Yourself For A Change

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