Mouth to mouth

Okay, I just...don't really know what to do about this anymore. You don't brush your teeth. Not even one 10 second brush once a day, nope, nothing, never. It is disgusting. I have to beg you to brush your teeth, nag you to brush your teeth. I feel like your mother! It is embarrassing. Your breath is horrible, I can barely stand to kiss you even though I love you so very very much. I have tried talking to you about this nicely, I have tried talking about this to you using facts, "brushing is good for your health", "dental surgery is expensive", "you could end up in the emergency room!", I have tried approaching you about it many times but you roll your eyes and get offended. I don't know how to make you understand that brushing your teeth once a day is frickin' common sense, it is the minimal! I can't imagine that your mother never taught you this, maybe you stopped when you began hanging out with all those crusty punk hippies. Who knows...point IS I just want you to start brushing you teeth. Plllleeeeeeeaaaaaase for the love of god. —Plaque Is The Equivalent of Poop

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