It's a quick turnover

If I have to hear another person complain about how small and shitty Halifax and surrounding areas are for meeting "queer significant other type" people - I'm going to implode. Please consider getting the fuck out of the bars and going offline for meeting people. I know, novel concept - but it works. Gays/gayelles are actually everywhere all over the city and not all only balled up in a tiny firetrap club hovels. Yes, yes, drowning one's sorrows for being a minority is fine once and awhile, and a concentration of people that are similar in one character/trait can be convenient, but holy shitballs are you guys/gals missing out on the variety that is life. Join a sports league, volunteer for a politician or NGO, work a job, take a course, hang out with a non-typical group of friends. We all don't go to the bars, I promise you. If you do decide to join team "no clique" I guarantee at least 10%-20% of the people you meet will be some type of queer who don't hang out with other queers because they have DIVERSE aspects to their personality. At least a quarter will be dateable/crushable and single. If you actually do a hobby you enjoy you might even meet someone that you have something in common with besides drinking (I know - drinking is a good hobby). When all else fails, remember this is a navy, student, and rural convert town (as our rural provincial counterparts move in). It's a quick turn over and the next crop is just a few months away. —Miracle Finder

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