Wake up wise man

I know, it has been awhile. Back then we were equals, we took our share, we fed our families. Sure we had our differences, you were tall and lanky, great runners.We were shorter, squatter but muscular and tough.You were decent hunters but you didn't have the chops for the up close and personal. That was our speciality. No namby pamby chucking spears from a distance, we took our long spears and looked the beast, be it eurochs or mammoth, in the eye. Hand to hand combat, we lost a few both prey and ourselves but that was the price to be part of this community and without this community, we don't exist anyway. You did come up with the idea of running the herd off the cliff and collect the big pile of meat at the bottom but that didn't seem right somehow, sort of like cheating. Maybe that was a sign of things to come. When you first arrived from the southern continent, I admit we were a little apprehensive but it seemed like we were equals and respected the community. One thing though, a quirk of your nature if you will, your attitude seemed to be a bit more about you and less about the rest of us. That thing about the cliff again, it was more meat than you needed. How the herd supposed to regenerate itself? Were you afraid of breaking a nail? Not to mention the breeding. How many of you do you need? For jump's sake, everybody has infant mortality but no you have make another child right away. Don't wait for next season just keep breeding for insurance.How are you going feed all these people? Keep running herds of game off those cliffs? What happens when they're all gone? How are all of us going to eat? Didn't think of that did you? Or maybe you don't care. Well all those herds are gone and so am I. What happened to you? There's so many of you and you're so sickly. I guess you kept exporting your philosophy to different regions of the world and kept ending up in the same situation. Nice going "Wise Man"! Listen Earth Day just passed. A special day you've concocted to honor the community we were part of and now you seem to so revile. Think of what we once had and now where you're heading. The community will have it's way in the end. You are going to die despite your best efforts. How about making a better life for less of you rather than a more miserable existence for a lot of you. Radical stuff eh? Before you write me off as some old fuddy duddy from the past keep in mind I existed for 250,000 years . You've been around, as you are now for what? 60,000? I really don't see you hitting 100,000 sorry. Anyway I'll get you go. You know how to reach me and the effort it will take but here's hoping. —Homo Neanderthalis

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