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So a friend of mine business owner asks about getting some work done. I told him I would do it for 10K. So... he goes and gets a couple of outrageous quotes triple my price and then asks me to if I would do the contract. I say "ok. I will hire a couple of crew and do the job". Then I decided I only need one crew and tell him "I'm going to do the job personally with one crew and make sure the job is done right". He says "OK... since you are not hiring two people and you are going to do the job yourself with one helper; I will give you 6K." WTF is that??? I said "It is still the same job with the same costs." He says "well you are going to make the other persons salary plus your profit." WTF??? Why does that matter!!! It is still the same job. Same work. It is like you figure my time isn't worth the money or something. You think I should get paid less now? I am seriously insulted by this. I told him "No... I am giving you a deal." He says "6K... that's what I will pay." I said "No. Get one of the other contractors you got the quotes from to do it... or better yet... do it yourself." —Pissed Off Contractor/Friend

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