I'm trying to forget you, please let me

You brought your new girlfriend to something that you knew I would likely be participating in. Something you, not only chose not to participate in with me when we were together but bitched at me for going. Imagine my surprise when I walked into my class to find you there with another girl. I had just started getting over you and moving on. Picking up what pieces of myself, my heart, my pride were left. Very few things have I been able to enjoy since our break up. This was one of them. You just had to go and take that from me, didn't you. You had to go rub your new relationship in my face. I know Halifax is small and it was bound to happen, but you made sure it would happen, and you made sure it would hurt. Although extremely tempting to turn around and leave the class after seeing you, I didn't. I held my head high and followed through. It may have been the shittiest I've done ever, but I stayed. I hope your new "muse" sees right through that act. You used her to get to me and that wasn't fair to anyone. You set back my progress this weekend. Im not sure who I hate more for that happening, you for doing it, or myself for letting it hurt so much. —Broken Hearted, But Not Stupid Anymore

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