Don't honk at me

I am driving down Robie. It is a 2 lane road, I'm cruising down the right lane while the left lane is backed up due to uncontrol left turning traffic. All of a sudden, there is a painted arrow on the road that tells me that I have to turn and I only have about 40 feet to lane change into the other lane. The other lane is full, so I come to a complete stop at the lights while keeping my signal lights on. When the light turned green, I tried to merge between the first and second vehicle, well, mainly because it is unlikely the first vehicle sees my signal light... can you guess what happened? The bitch in the second vehicle honked at me. WTF? She might know the subtlties of ROBIE street but I don't. What right do you have to accuse me of trying to cheat traffic? F you bitch! —Just Doing My Best in Halifax

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