It's a school zone, damnit!

You were following my Civic in your fancy new silver Jeep Grand Cherokee (loaded, I'm sure). You were a "man" in your late 50's I expect; the colour of your hair matched your paint job. I was in the left lane, doing the speed limit; a car in the right lane beside me doing the same. You were frantically waving your arms at me to pull over, speed up, or whatever the Hell that meant. I put my brakes on to grab your attention and as we approached the end of the school zone sign I put my window down, pointed angrily at the school sign and flipped you the bird. Funny that we were only 0.25 kms from your turn off, outbound on the 102. You weren't even in the right lane! I am so sick and tired of these fucking idiots who think they have their own rules on the road. One of these days your impatience is going to kill someone--perhaps a kid in a school zone. Shame on you! Chances are you're too good for "The Coast" and will never see this. Grrrrr! —Not Too Cool For School!

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