Where is oil coming from

Since they have been extracting oil from the ground they have extracted one trillion barrels of oil from the ground (low number) and there is more than a trillion left in the ground today. I think that oil is abiogenic and will continue to be produced at the earth's core as long as the earth exists. So my complaint is that since there is plenty of oil and will be plenty of oil in the future why is it so expensive? Government has to know this and play along with oil companies as long as the oil companies give campaign money to political parties. I'm sure that there wasn't enough dinosaurs and plants to produce over two trillion barrels plus. They are consuming 80 million barrels per day times 365 days for the last twenty years. And they were using oil way before that. So start with that number and see what I mean, the numbers are staggering. Well something to think about the next time you gas up. The government is not your friend. —A.R.

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