Tired of cliches

Recently I went to a store having a BOGO on footwear. I didn't realize it was buy one get one, so when my boyfriend brought his shoes to the counter, the clerk informed us of the sale, and I grabbed a pair that were $4 more than his. I told the clerk mine were more expensive so he would know to charge us the amount for that pair. He gave me a look and said something along the lines of, "Women, always have to go for the most expensive!" And I laughed along, which I regetted immediately afterward. I knew he was only trying to be cute and funny and harmless. It seems like such a minor thing to him, to make fun of my entire gender for spending $4 more than my boyfriend. I don't know if he actually believes that tired, stupid cliche, but he certainly has no objections to voicing it to paying customers (one who wasn't even going to get anything until I heard it was essentially free). He doesn't mind having strangers think that he believes that. If I walked into KFC with black skin, ZERO cashiers would laugh and say, "Oh, of course you want to eat here!" because that's judging an entire race on a stupid stereotype, which is incredibly wrong. Why is it still okay to do that with women? This may seem like a very minor thing to many people. I probably come off as being easily offended, a delicate flower. But it's jarring to realize that people do think these things about me just because I'm a woman. I don't want strangers to think it's okay to voice "funny" sweeping assumptions to my face. I am more than just a woman; I am an individual. Please take that into account next time, and every time, with every woman and man you see. >--The Next Step

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