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I just moved to NS from BC.I'm a mom/RN who just this week went to a fairly large clinic/with MDs with several offices. I approached 2 of the secretaries for 2 MDs and asked about getting a doctor. This what the their response: "No, this MD is not accepting anymore but you can ask the other secretary, to which I did. This was the response from her: "Well, I've already got a list of 5 asking him to accept them....tell me...where do you live because that's important, and is it for just you and your daughter?" to which I replied yes for both. She then informed me that IF I were to be chosen from this list of now 6, that "it would be a Friday that I would be asked to come in and "meet and greet" the doctor and that IF we were a "GOOD FIT" we might get accepted as his patients. I was informed that where I lived was important... and that for example, it's wintertime and if I lived say in Sackville or outer areas, I would be more apt to cancel in bad weather and that would not be good (meaning for this doctor) if I were to cancel and the appointment didn't get my way of thinking is this: I've come to YOUR province to provide health care full time and yet I cannot get a doctor.. I have to INTERVIEW to get one and that might not even fly if I'm not a good fit!! WTF? I'm a human being...that's bottom line. NO ONE and I mean NO one should have to interview to get a doctor to continue care for them....this is outrageous and you should all be slapped hard for letting this get to this point. I was embarrassed for this secretary to have to explain to me...a healthcare provider, this BS way to GET a DOCTOR. I do need a doctor and I need to get some things sorted out. Is it going to be like this to get a dentist too??? I am taking a significant drop in pay to work here, I'm paying more for living here AND to work here as a practicing RN in this province and apparently I can't get a doctor...what's wrong with this picture people??? I relocated for family reasons....that was huge for us....but taking a hit to do it too. THIS sucks and it's really tragic to see that NS has declined to this degree. I really don't know what I'm going to do with respect to NO's poor continuity of care to be seen in clinics by different doctors and not have your medical records brought in from BC until you obtain the doctor....that's how they roll sister.....I'm STUCK and hating the situation.....IT'S really backwards...I'm truly disappointed speaking as a healthcare can this be in this day and age??? This is bunk. --RN

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