Local arts college letting students down? For shame!

You set my kid up with all the hype, thinking she's going to have the best education and artistic experience ever! She is accepted, enrolls, chooses her courses and of course these have prerequisites! No problem! She's very excited she has all the courses she wanted and is happy to start this next journey in her life. We get her all settled into her new place, more convenient because we live outside of HRM. After the money is paid, the semester starts and first day in she finds out ALL PREREQUISITE CLASSES ARE CANCELLED!!! Due to lack of interest?? Of course now she can't take her other courses she really wanted because she doesn't have the ability to take the prerequisites! She left her job to go back to school to fully concentrate on her studies and now this? When did you know you had this lack of interest? Could you have not notified the students before they uprooted their lives, paid out all this money, to end up with a huge disappointment at the other end? No wonder you're losing money! No wonder you're steadily declining in numbers! If you're going to save your establishment, something's gotta give! It's our childrens' futures here! Does anyone have any good advice here and not just the smart-assed remarks about arts students? Please? Surely to God this school has a better alternative than to slam the door in my daughter's face? I'm pissed! Not to mention, broke! -- You Take Our Money Now We Have to Take What We Get??

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