Charter ruling

If a product is legally available for sale, a consumer should have the right to visually identify and inspect what it is they are intending to purchase before the sale. Our government spends vast sums of tax dollars, utilizing every delay in the book in court, to try and bankrupt small business owners in their race for control and to save us all from ourselves. The judge noted that unlike other consumer products, there is no safe level. Under a regime of “no safe level,” no pharmaceutical drug could exist, as nearly every drug has some dangerous side effects. People wouldn't drive since driving is far from 100% safe. Parents wouldn't allow their kids to participate in sports given the very real possibility of injury. The only appropriate use of “no safe level” would be in this sentence: There is no safe level of the public being exposed to any commentary by government that includes “no safe level.” Her decision is a slippery slope. It is clear to this citizen of Nova Scotia, that our government has nothing in store but further contempt for intellect, individuals and small businesses alike. —Dartmouthy

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