Buying and selling online

1. Don't get offended if you are offered a lower price. It is expected that this will happen, and you factor this into your asking price.

2. Offer a lower price, but don't be a jerk / lowball. Be reasonable.

3. Don't contact a seller just to say you can get it new elsewhere for the same / cheaper price. If you can, then good for you, shut your pie hole and go buy it new.

4. Be reasonable with your prices. Selling something for 97 percent of the cost new and not adhering to number 1 or 2 above, then you can go f yourself because you're being a dumbass greedyfuck.

4. Remove your shit when its sold or you found what you want.

5. List your price - this "please contact" crap is stupid and shouldn't even be allowed by the sites. This means that you either don't want to sell your product, or you're not representing what you are trying to sell properly. It's like car dealers who want to just get you in the door...

6. Selling dinky non useful items for 2-3 dollars each online is stupid. Yes, I want a build a bear dog for $6. I'll make plans to spend half my day arranging to meet you for a fucking $6 plush dog that some kid has probably wiped shitty, snotty dirty hands all over. Right. Ew. —Get With It Or Go Without It

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