Chill out dude!

To the ... (I don't know how to call you because asshole is not enough of a word and f*cktard would insult too many, so I will use "thing"). So, this is to the THING who decided to cut me off on Robie/Welsford last week. I remember what your car looked like and your plate. Cars were stopped to let me pass to head out on Robie toward Quinpool on my bicycle. YOU ALMOST RAN ME OVER!!! There was a damned good reason that those cars were stopped! They were "Hey, someone needs to get on Robie and hey, the next light is red anyway, so let's be nice about it." The only good move you did was to honk like the THING you are. If I haven't heard you, your insurances would have went up, I would be in the hospital recovering from your stupid ignorance, and your insurance would have bounced up, on top of paying for a road bike (You know those are in the 4 digits now right?). It was hilarious to follow you less than 50m all the way for a few km until I had to turn. Realize that in town, many cyclists are as fast as cars are, if not faster, overall because of all the stops and pedestrians and lights. So to you, THING, next time cars are stopped, I hope you can stop, think, and stay patiently still because being in such a hurry, didn't bring you further than me even after 2.5km now did it? We were at the exact same light, both leading ours lines. I hope you love being so much in a hurry that you constantly risk to run people over. This is the Maritimes, so chill out your ass and respect the others on the road. Good thing I am always looking out to save my ass from THINGS like you. —As Fast As You

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