Online time wasters

Thanks so much for telling me you wanna buy my furniture, then when it comes down to the day you just disappear.. why bother putting the effort in to plan a pickup time with me? What is the point if you don't even have the decency to say "oh I changed my mind, go ahead and sell it to someone else." More than half my responses have been you useless time wasters! You assholes make the online classifieds ads a fucking disaster zone! And the ones who email back saying "I'm interested, call me", just to fucking hang up on me!? What in the fuckity fuck is that? I'm glad I don't know your faces because I'd punch you for being so ignorant. I'm sure you treat everyone with equal respect or lack thereof. Moving is hard enough and people like you make it that much more frustrating. Get some gd manners folks and maybe have a little respect for the situation, just a smidgen goes a long way. —The One You Fucking Ditched

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