Waiting to get paid

So you asked me to do a specific carpentry job for the business you manage. I do the job straight away 'cause you were in a jam. (three days work) and now you have been giving me the run around for a month and I still haven't been paid. "Come tomorrow." "I'll pay you Tuesday." "Come back later in the afternoon" "Friday for sure" "first of the week" "oh... I will do internet transfer this evening" I go back you are gone. I text and no reply. Friday comes and Friday goes. First of the week comes and is gone. Internet transfer never happens. I have been in to see you on at least 10 occasions and I get another story. Why would you do that? A person does a job for your big business then you don't pay? You got the work done you requested... at a great price. I help you out and you jerk me around. I spent more on fuel chasing you around on your excuses trying to get paid than the job cost. That is just not right. —Still No Money

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