Walk of pride

So I went to a show Saturday… was having a pretty good time right up until the end. I had made the mistake of going to an acquaintance's house, because the folks I whose house I was crashing at went. Now yes, I like you and care about you and am really attracted to you, and no you don’t want me to be, but I thought I was doing pretty damn good since you told me you “just wanted to be friends” at Christmas. I’ve never brought it up again, and even brushed off your drunken suggestive comments over the last couple months. So your (I assume) booty call shows up. Not a problem, we all hang out for a bit (she seems nice by the way, so don't be an ass), but then, when I was going out the door, leaving with my friends, why the fuck did your friend decide that was a good time to let me know I “need to go” and push me out the door *with the fucking door*? I’m done trying to be friendly. You (and your friends) can really truly go to hell. —No Cutesy Tag, Just Pissed

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