Carbon foot print

Listen people, don't worry about your carbon foot print. The talking heads on TV are bought and paid for by the establishment. When I was in Calgary, Al Gore had a convoy of eight SUVs and a bullet proof limo to carry him around, and went on to preach the same message as he always does, save the planet by using less oil. And David Suzuki -- did you see the house he lives in, in BC? I tell you the establishment owns them and many others. You have to ask yourselves who has the most to gain by having this message preached. People, don't accept all that is being said on TV without asking questions. If you ask enough questions their story falls apart. I've researched what they are saying and they are wrong. They are in it for the money. One more thing, when they drill for oil and natural gas they go down around 18,000feet or more. Can anyone explain how those huge animals and the vegetation came to be so deep in the earth's crust. That would be an interesting story if it is believable. —A.R.

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