In what world is it ok for a network TV to allow commercial air time to a recently convicted aquaculture company? I am there to watch some of your amazing progamming not to be insulted and assulted by blantly wrong and misinformed commercials aimed at the public regarding fish farming acitivities. Your commercial is not heartwarming, it isnot accurate, and you are trying to smooth over your image by piggybacking on the hardworking individuals who work for you? I don't think so. I think it is absolutely appalling that CTV would allow commercial air time to a known and convicted felon of the federal Fisheries Act, in one of the largest levied fines in history for INTENTIONALLY using a pesticide on its fish to kill sealice (a problem which aquaculture itself inherently creates) and then as a result kill fresh, wild lobster. If I were you, I'd be thinking long and hard about what organizations and industry you were willing to promote and provide commercial air time to. As a result you may wind up losing some valued viewers cause I know I sure as hell wont be watching until those commercials are removed. —Offering Air Time To Convicted Felon

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