Death wish idiot

To the dickless wonder who just now nearly got himself killed beneath the wheels of my car while riding his mo-ped in between lanes on the Bedford highway at rush hour....your day is coming moron. Passing people on the lane lines and then weaving between cars is a recipe for disaster. I wouldn't care except you'd waste my time because I'd have to clean up the blood and what little brain matter you have off my vehicle. Just because you have a friggin' death wish, don't draw the people who actually follow the rules down with you. On the positive side, you'll help with population control, because you're not going to be alive very much longer. You're going to die you understand that? Die! When, in future, you've on the pavement bleeding out after the accident you cause I hope you have time enough time to wonder whether it was worth your life getting home to your shitty apartment 90 seconds sooner than if you'd just followed the rules of the road you class a douchebag. —President of the "Had Enough" Club

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