Scared of a plastic gun

So how many idiots jumped on this one as an actual threat to our safety? Well, let's see.. the government, media and even the citizens that have been brain washed by the government and oil conglomerates. Because remember, plastic is a waste by product of fuel production. Now I will try and explain this simply for all the students out there. A gun made of plastic is just plain silly. What happens to the barrel after it shoots? It melts and will cause a jam and quite possibly explode. Oh but wait, you can only fire one round, a very small round at that. The barrel is also foolishly short but can't be made longer. So the accuracy will be like throwing a stone at someone. Not to mention who will feel intimidated by a gun that looks like it was made of building blocks. Finally, the cost of a 3D printer really restricts the individuals that could make one. Thousands for a good one, or you could maybe just buy an illegal firearm of the street for less. People really are gullible for thinking this is an issue when one can make a crossbow or crockpot bomb that can cause more destruction. I love laughing at the gullible sheep. —A.R.

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