Wreck of a Ford

Does it not bother people to the point of anger that:

1. The mayor of Canada's biggest city, the "face of Canada" is a crack-smoking train wreck that won't even deny the accusations?

2. The Senate has been funnelling money legally and illegally from public coffers for years and no-one bats an eye until the fat pig at the centre of the latest brouhaha runs his mouth off with self-incriminating statements, with no effort to even try to downplay or explain his actions?

3. That the government is tailoring jobs so that the only person "qualified" is an individual who donated tonnes of money to the governing party's election?

4. That our taxes keep on going up and up to support all this shit? That we can't even take home the money we work hard to earn, so that it can be redirected via taxes to the likes of Rob Ford, Stephen Harper, Mike Puffy, Pamela Wallan, and the lazy fucks whose permenant residences I drive by every day on my way to work yet they live "so far away" that they need to have a pied a terre in the city?

Why isn't anyone as outraged as me? I'm so sick of curruption and fatcat polidicks. —We Must All Be Bottoms, 'Cause We Love To Take It

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