Once again: cyclists vs. cars

"I hate you cyclist. I hope you get run over!" she yelled as she drove by. Really? Such a serious threat towards a cyclist? There is no need for this kind of aggressive behaviour. There are 2 lanes on Robie, skilled drivers would simply changed lane and pass a cyclist without thinking twice. Robie is not a highway, speed limit is still 50km/h even if there are 2 lanes. And when a cyclist is riding at 40km/h, is there really a need to speed them up? There is always a balance in life. That cyclist you'll one day get the strength to run over might turned out to be your neighbour, or your best friend's husband, your co-worker or your boss (ok this one might be fair!). Or that cyclist could be the paramedic who was going to work and would have shown up that same evening to help your husband who was having a heart attack. There is always a balance in life. Nobody gains anything by running over a cyclist. Sharing the road is so simple: one meter for the cyclist, the rest for the driver. Sounds like a fair deal. Especially when there are 2 lanes. I hope your expression of hate made you feel better and helped you cope with the rest of your day. But please, next time share the road. We all need every single paramedics we have in Nova Scotia. There is no need to run over one because he is a cyclist. —Share The Road

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