Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but...

This senate expense scandal is really bothering me, on numerous levels. I have the usual layer of disgust at politicians that essentially steal from taxpayers. Skepticism about who we really have running our country. Frustration with the sense of entitlement these people have. Annoyance/ anger/ disgust with the other "public servants" who help cover their tracks. Also, not surprised at another broken campaign promise for a transparent/ accountable government.

But what bothers me the most is this nagging feeling that this is all too convenient for the conservative agenda. Conservatives have been pushing senate abolition for quite some time. Now three conservative party members are making the senate look terrible, and rallying cries for abolition. With the conservatives get elected again because they promise to abolish the senate, even if they are the ones who caused many Canadians to think it should be abolished? It just feels tricky... and underhanded... and just so typical of the Canadian Conservative party. We know they don't like to haves discussion on the merits of a topic (like the social utility of a senate, or lack thereof) so they create a scandal and sensationalize the whole issue. —If Only Canada Could Do Better...

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