This is how you get deleted

Stop posting so many freakin pics of your boyfriend. We get it - you have a boyfriend, you love him, he makes you so happy. But please, if you don't want your friends to unfriend you, stop plastering his face in our newsfeeds. He is butt fucking ugly! No really, he's not an attractive man. And although he could be beautiful on the inside, all we see is his unfortunate-looking physical attributes when you bombard our newsfeeds with his mug. I'd understand why you'd want to flaunt him on FB constantly if he looked like Brad Pitt, but he is hard on my retinas. I know I'm being a bitch, but I don't sugarcoat things. Just letting you know, I unfriended you this morning. But I wasn't the only one- my mom, my co-worker and my aunt booted you off for the same reason. You were worth keeping up with until everything you started posting was all him. —Thinking About Deleting My Own Account

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