I hope you're happy... (hour)

I had two serving jobs, which paid badly, and just kept me alive. Then out of nowhere, a "nice" restaurant calls me, and says to quit my jobs and work full time there. What a great opportunity, right?

Now, despite being the least experienced, I carried my own weight and then some. I was very nice to everyone, and bent over backwards for my customers and coworkers. I felt I was doing a good job for once, that I was improving fast and finally supporting myself instead of being a bum.

Unfortunately, doing a good job isn't good enough, if the middle aged cop turned waitress doesn't like you. I did nearly all her work, took her shitty shifts, listened to her drama, etc.. but she still felt the need to talk constant shit about me to everyone, until the manager finally fired me.

Did I mention the manager who fired me is dating the head chef? And when I told her that he messed up several of my orders one day, she said "I shouldn't hold what you said against you personally, but I do." How professional.

I really hope that waitress feels good about herself. Getting a dirt poor ex-banquet server fired, as she goes home to the nice big house her husband bought. Now I have no money and no idea where to turn job wise.

Now, commenters, feel free to spin this in a way that says "OP deserved it"... —Struggling Non-Student

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