Idiot parker

To the blonde lady at the big mall in Dartmouth on Sunday who was parked in a handicapped spot with her preteen daughter, you suck. Did you not notice the elderly couple driving around, who also had a handicapped permit, looking for a spot in the handicapped spots? When we questioned you as to why you were parked there when you were leaving the mall, you said you were going to pick up your husband, who the pass was for. But we told you that we saw you park when we came in and he wasn't with you, you jumped in your car and drove out of the mall. If in fact your husband really needs the permit, you are just showing so much disrespect to your husband and for the handicapped people who really need it. To do this in front of your daughter and lie about your reasons is deplorable. What kind of message do you think you are sending to her? I can tell you that children learn from their parents, and she is learning to lie, cheat and be disrespectful to others. Good luck to you as she becomes a teenager! Does your husband know that you are using his permit because you are too lazy to walk from a spot further away? I'm so glad that you were able to walk around the mall a go shopping. —Crazy Latin Woman

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