God is not an idiot!

I am so fucking sick of how people are going on about my father who recently died. The man was as godless as they get. Was NOT interested in religion, would leave the room if the subject of God and or religion was even brought up. Yet suddenly because he died, out comes all the bullshit. "Oh he's in heaven with the angels", "he is at peace now", "God bless the old man". What a crock of shit! If there is a God (not up for debate right here), then why on earth would he just wave anyone into his world (heaven) who didn't give him the time of day while on earth. But yet we try to say that he will just open up the doors to eternity, simply cause we die?? Holy fuck, I may not be religious, but that would make the creator of the universe one dumb fuck. No, the bottom line is, IF there is heaven and hell waiting, my father is in hell. So stop with the sentimental bullshit around a man that was not interested in God. He's dead and gone, and trying to make him something he wasn't, is absolute stupidity. —Don't Be Blinded By Sentiment!

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