Left blinker please!

I hate it when I come up to an intersection where both left and right lanes can go straight (Oxford at Chebucto for example) and I pull up behind a car in the left lane which has no blinkers on, so I assume they will be going straight. But at the moment the light turns green they turn on their left blinker, FUCK! Now I'm stuck behind them and can't get around because of all the cars going around me in the right lane. Have some courtesy please, if you are going to turn left put your blinker on while the light is red so that other people can choose the appropriate lane. I don't know if you are not using your blinking until the last minute to try to make the bulb last longer. I will admit that once in a while there are people that are truly lost and figure out as the light turns green that they are actually supposed to turn left, I can forgive them, but not the rest of you trying to save your blinker bulbs. —Breaking The Bank Buying New Blinker Bulbs!

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