Barrington Blues...

I really love it in the morning when there is a huge, neverending line of traffic and no one has the decency to let a car out. Where has courtesy gone? I get's not a set in stone rule, but it goes a long way - especially at 7:30am at the start of a person's day. My favourite part, is when the long ass line of traffic comes to a dead stop (more than once) and people have the nerve to just stop dead in front of my driveway so I can't get out. I see you as you're talking on your cell phone or just too pissed off to let me out...but maybe once you could think about someone else other than yourself. I can see down the road as there are multiple people trying to get out just to get to work, so help us out! I would do it for you. —I need to get to work too...

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