Bridge Bitch

Anyone who causes an accident on any of the harbour should be fined $1000 automatically . Its not rocket science to drive a motor vehicle in traffic . The speed limit is for ideal conditions ,switching lanes is ONLY when its safe to do so and does stop the people behind you or the people who are lane you going into . None of this people waving in and out of lanes . Just pay attention to person in front of you and if your in the wrong lane in the end —to F___King bad—correct the problem on the other side of the bridge . A $1000 fine would make people think or if cannot -think about taking a bus .Its time people take responsibility for their actions .

Finally who's bright idea was it if you are North Street and you decide to go to the New bridge but you can't because North Street only turns on to Barrington going towards downtown .

Just one accident on one of the bridges here ******** up everywhere in Halifax and Dartmouth .

I used enough gas to go 50 KM for a 4 Km trip all because someone else is irresponsible —Disgusted

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