Pitbull in the heather

After reading a bitch that was submitted last month I was left with some deeply troubled thoughts. It was about pitbulls and the comment section was flooded with an outpouring of support for this breed of dog. After reading a story today about another toddler being bitten and scarred for life I thought I'd do some research and present the facts.

On May 16 it was reported that two Chicago police officers had to shoot and kill a pitbull that was attacking a teenager. On May it was reported that a double amputee elderly man was mauled to death by four pitbulls after being dragged from his wheelchair. That case was in South Carolina. On May 13 it was reported a 63 year old woman was mauled to death by several pitbulls while out jogging. That was in Los Angeles. The owner of these pitbulls now faces homicide charges. On April 25 it was reported a toddler in Georgia was mauled to death by the family pitbull. On March 28 it was reported a 2 year old girl was mauled to death by seven pitbulls in Georgia while her grandmother slept inside. It was then revealed that three of the dogs were pitbulls and the other four were a pitbull mix. On march 21 it was reported a man shot and killed a pitbull that was attacked two women. This was in Oklahoma. On march it was reported a 54 year old woman lost an arm, an eye and an ear after being attacked by her own three pitbulls. This was in LA. On March 14 it was reported that a six year boy was attacked by a pitbull in the Bronx, surveillance camaras captured the unprovoked attack. On March 7 it was reported a 14 month old was mauled to death by his babysitters two pitbulls. The babysitter now wishes she would die becuase of the incident.

In every attack stated the dog/s in question were all pitbulls, or in one case, a pitbull mix. It is also now proven that all attacks were unprovoked and the dogs suffered no abuse at the hands of their owners, hence the lack of charges except one case.

This should be proof enough that this dangerous breed needs to regulated and swiftly spayed and neutered as to not reproduce. There will still be some encouraging the attitude that this is spreading hate. To them I say, I am spreading knowledge and hopefully preventing another horrific news story.

Similar reasearch was put into other breeds of dogs and their attacks on people and small children. No breed of dog has as much blood on its teeth as these beasts. —Well Researched Dog Lover

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