No wonder our hospitals are bacterial cesspools....

Every day I see doctors/hospital staff scurrying about town (basically anywhere in the Spring Garden/Robie/South Park vicinity) in their scrubs. This makes me cringe. Are these the same scrubs that you're wearing while doing rounds, working in labs, or while meeting with patients? If you change from those gross city-scum scrubs into clean ones once you get to work, then why are you wearing them at all? I find this really disgusting... I'm sure surgeons or others working in sterile environments don't do this, so no, I'm not including them in this rant. While I don't even know the degree of germ threat this involves, I know that some hospitals (UK in particular) ban long-sleeves because short-sleeved, clean arms are, well, cleaner than sleeves, so I'm assuming that at least someone thinks bacteria can be tracked in on clothing. But I still think it's gross. blech.

The reverse point is kind of disgusting too - dragging germs and goo from hospitals into the public (yes, I'm sure if you get a bed pan spilled on you, you probably change your outfit, but I'm talking just everyday ick)...ewww. —flesh eating disease spokesperson

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