Bad drivers on the 101

I drive the 101 to get to work and everyday I drive the same way.

The posted speed limit is 110km in most places.

I drive 100km because for me its safer.

I dont care that people pass me, Im glad I'm not in the "main group" of cars passing and driving like idiots.

So most days I and the only vehicle thats going 100km, so there isn't an issue with people being too close.

However, I leave a space when I start getting to heavy on ramp areas so if I have to stop quick for any reason (deer, other animals, Road garabe, crazy drivers trying to merge etc) I have the safe amount of space needed.

This rant is for all those idiots that pass me to get the one spot ahead and take away my buffer zone, and most don't even use the blinker when they zoom into the opening.

What is your problem? Where are the police when they are needed?

Daily I see near misses of accidents, people too close to other bumpers while zooming and forcing their ways into spaces, for what.. to get one car ahead .. I see people so close at times you cannot even see their bumpers, or pulling out without looking and almost causing an accident to the person who was already in that lane, speeding so fast they are out of site in minutes.

You know what people, I take plates, makes, models of vehicles and I call it into the police, I have no time for idiots, My kids, family and friends all travel these roads and I will make it safer one car at a time if I have to. —Not the only vehicle driving 100km on the 101

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